November 15, 2022
Episode 4 / Season 2

Effort trumps price with stylist Kerrie Carucci, Part 1

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Sophia Martine

Business coach and dog lover. Owner of Sophia Martine Business consultancy.

November 15, 2022
Episode 4 / Season 2

Effort trumps price with stylist Kerrie Carucci, Part 1

Kerrie Carucci, a leading Australian stylist, is back on the IMAT podcast sharing style and business wisdom. Based in Brisbane, Kerrie gives us a glimpse into the day in the life of a personal and editorial fashion stylist. Kerrie shares her business tips for tapping into your purpose for an authentic and sustainable business. Kerrie explains how the four pillars of style help to define your professional style and business brand. 

The episode has been split into two parts, so subscribe on your podcast app or keep an eye out on Instagram @imadeathingpodcast for part 2. 

“When you are in alignment, you become magnetic because there is this authentic, raw passion that you speak.” Kerrie Carucci

What we chat about

  • The day in the life of a stylist
  • The magnetic power of purpose for a sustainable business
  • Communicating how you want to be perceived with the help of style
  • Kerrie shares her four pillars of style
  • Price tags aren’t as important, as effort is to your brand, business and style 


“There are no rules around your personal style and there's no one size fits all. We're not shaped in a certain way because everyone is so beautifully unique.” Kerrie Carucci

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