November 15, 2022
Episode 5 / Season 2

It takes a village with stylist Kerrie Carucci, Part 2

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Sophia Martine

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November 15, 2022
Episode 5 / Season 2

It takes a village with stylist Kerrie Carucci, Part 2

Kerrie Carucci, a leading Australian stylist, is back on the IMAT podcast sharing style and business wisdom. Based in Brisbane, Kerrie gives us a glimpse into the day in the life of a personal and editorial fashion stylist. Missed part 1? Go back and listen before diving into this episode. 

In part 2, Kerrie provides detailed insights (with no sugar coating) into the realities of starting and running a styling business. Kerrie explains how fundamental her support network, both professional and personal, has been in business. 

Kerrie discusses why it was so important to reframe what success is for her life and business. And we go deep on practical methods for managing the sometimes toxic but unavoidable comparison trap for small business owners using social media. 


“I'm under the firm belief, you can either do fewer things to an absolute, incredible level, or you do a lot of things that are just going to be okay” Kerrie Carucci

What we chat about

  • How a corporate career offers transferrable skills into a creative business
  • Kerrie’s ‘pricing mirror method’ and how to use this same behaviour test for stying choices
  • The comparison trap as a creative in the fashion industry and practical tips to manage it 
  • The role of support and business mentors for Kerrie
  • How Kerrie chooses to measure success 
  • Kerrie’s journey to developing a decision-making and leadership style


“If you are listening to this and you're thinking about making the shift, there's no reason to tell you that it's all going to be rosy 100% of the time, it's really not. You're going to have face-down moments, and you're going to question why am I even doing this? Is this really something that I am purposely driven by? Am I passionate about it? Is this worth it?” Kerrie Carucci


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