April 9, 2023
Episode 7 / Season 2

Sharing your gifts with Claire Robinson of Basic Tech

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April 9, 2023
Episode 7 / Season 2

Sharing your gifts with Claire Robinson of Basic Tech

Claire Robinson never imagined she would be so focused each day on bridging generational divides. But it’s hard to imagine a more perfect fit. Although Claire started out working in Public Relations, her CV grew to include additions from tech giants Google and EA Games. Claire was also passionate about volunteering in South Africa and later Australia. But ultimately, it would be COVID that was the turning point for Claire and the start of Basic Tech. This education-based business focuses on empowering the senior demographic with the tech knowledge they need to be confident and independent in our digital world. 

“Overcoming mental blocks about your abilities, even when you have your own business can be particularly difficult. You've got to keep reminding yourself that you are running your own race and constantly reflect back on how far you've come.” Claire Robinson of Basic Tech

What we chat about

  • Running your own race and dealing with imposter syndrome in the male-dominated tech space
  • The importance and power of networking as a business founder 
  • Balancing altruistic passions with a profitable business
  • Working with a mix of one-on-one and group clients 
  • Organising and raising money to start a business including utilising business grants 
  • The crucial act of making time for yourself to have fun when you’re a busy founder

“I know that volunteering will always take precedence over money for me. So it's not always easy to find the balance again.” Claire Robinson of Basic Tech

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