November 15, 2022
Episode 3 / Season 2

Georgia’s purpose

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IMAT Podcast Host:
Sophia Martine

Business coach and dog lover. Owner of Sophia Martine Business consultancy.

November 15, 2022
Episode 3 / Season 2

Georgia’s purpose

Georgia never thought a panic attack would be pivotal in her business journey. Reflecting on how this confronting event and the 15 years working for a legal firm and real estate agencies ultimately shaped Georgia’s virtual assistance business. 

IMAT podcast is proud to present our interview with Georgia Anne Virtual Assistant recorded in September 2021. 

“Even though you can work long hours in your own business, I wanted a kind of freedom and flexibility that you can only get when it’s your own. I saw the opportunity, and if I can work this hard for someone, then imagine what I can do for myself.” Georgia Anne Virtual Assistant

What we chat about

  • Overcoming networking nerves and making connections online and in-person
  • How to engage the right virtual assistant
  • Core skills you need if you want to be a professional assistant 
  • Coping with the comparison trap when you spend a lot of time online
  • Building your pricing confidence and understanding your worth

“Start talking to people and ask questions. Because it's not the courses or programs that I've done. It's surrounding myself with the right people that has helped me the most in business.” Georgia Anne Virtual Assistant

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