November 15, 2022
Episode 1 / Season 2

Kerrie Carucci finds her magic

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Sophia Martine

Business coach and dog lover. Owner of Sophia Martine Business consultancy.

November 15, 2022
Episode 1 / Season 2

Kerrie Carucci finds her magic

In our first interview of Season 2, I speak with Kerrie Carucci. A Brisbane based stylist, who shares her journey from working in engineering to crafting her own business as an editorial and campaign stylist, content creator and speaker.

“I started to investigate and come back to what my core values were. What my hobbies were and what I would really even enjoy. Because I'd gotten so far into my career that I'd lost myself in trying to fit into this box.” Kerrie Carucci

What we chat about

  • Growing up in Far North Queensland
  • Working in male-dominated workplaces
  • A practical and strategic mindset can be successful in a creative industry
  • The importance of taking time to figure out what brings you satisfaction, excitement and gets the creative juices flowing
  • Recognising your transferable skills
  • Taking a chance on yourself

I'm a believer that we have a feeling and it's something little. And little reminders will keep coming up in life, and if you follow that feeling, then that's where the true magic happens.”  Kerrie Carucci

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