November 15, 2022
Episode 2 / Season 2

Whitney the brave

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November 15, 2022
Episode 2 / Season 2

Whitney the brave

Whitney Hartmann has a niche in the beauty industry; natural brow restoration. But before specialisation, Whitney had a dream that she thought would bring her happiness, money and maybe even fame. But it wasn’t until she nearly ‘made it’ that she realised what she thought she wanted wasn’t the right fit.

“I wanted to be this successful makeup artist. I wanted to do editorial runway. I had that image, that's what I want. Once I was actually doing all the things that I thought I wanted to do, I didn't feel content and I couldn't figure out why.” Whitney Hartmann

What we chat about

  • Pursuing a childhood dream (and then deciding to let it go)
  • Working in a big, fast-paced city
  • Going against your industry norms and completing overseas study
  • Sticking to business decisions, even if means turning down Amy Shark
  • Our bodies health limits (even in our twenties)

When you're living in the city, you're very much caught up in the rat race and you're climbing the ladder no matter what industry you're in because that's the energy in a big city. If you don't take those opportunities, someone else's waiting in the wings to take those. So if you really want to be successful down there, you've got to be open and available to all of the things that you want.” Whitney Hartmann

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